2024 Hatching Season- Chicks

Hatching season is here!! 🐣🐥
We will have a variety of chicks hatching throughout the spring and summer.
Our website will be updated weekly with the current and upcoming chick selection.

Please message us on Facebook, via the chat button below, or email chickens@hilltoholler.com if you’re interested.

Chick breeds available for 2024


Brahma Chicks
Bella, a plump light brahma chicken standing in leaves

⬜ Light Brahma Chicks
Full blooded Light Brahma chicks. Brahmas are a large, dual-purpose, cold-hardy breed of chicken that’s known for its friendliness, calm and docile demeanor, and plump fluffiness with feathered legs.

The Mayor, light brahma, dark brahma, chick, hen

🔳 Dark/Light Brahma Chicks
Full blooded Brahma- these chicks are a mix of a Light Brahma rooster over a Brahma hen who is light/dark mix. Chicks have a medium to dark coloring, and generally grow to have a lightly penciled feather pattern, dark or penciled head, and dark down. *Limited Availability*

Serama Chicks *New for 2024*

🟧 Malaysian Seramas *New for 2024*
Seramas were developed in Malaysia by crossing Malaysian and Japanese bantams. They are one of the world’s smallest chicken breeds- a full grown Serama rooster can be picked up with one hand- but they make up for that small size with a big personality.
*Availability is limited*

Silkie Chicks *New for 2024*

⏹ Blue & Splash/Blue Silkies *New for 2024*
Silkies are known for their black skin, five toes and fluffy, poofy feathers (which is due to the feathers lacking the barbicels that hold feathers together.) Our silkies are blue, or a mix of splash/blue color. Cat not included 😉
*Availability is limited*

Marans Chicks

🟫 Pure French Black Copper Marans *New for 2024*
French Black Copper Marans are a chocolate laying, cold-hardy, feather legged breed.
*Availability varies. Pure French Black Copper Marans chicks are available for reserve, but very limited, and currently on a wait list.*

🟫 Copper Rock Marans / Mystic Marans *New for 2024*
The Copper Rock Marans, also known as a Mystic Marans and Rustic Rambler, was derived in the Czech Republic, from crossing a Black Copper Marans rooster with a Barred Rock hen. The CRM is cold-hardy and a prolific layer of large, copper to cocoa colored eggs.
*Limited Availability*

Rainbow Layer Chicks
(Easter, Olive, Pink, & Cocoa Eggers)

🟪Easter Eggers & Olive Eggers- an assorted mix of chicks hatched from blue & green eggs
Currently, EE/OE chicks are the product of a Light Brahma rooster over the following blue/green color egg laying hens-
Crested Cream Legbar (blue), Ameraucana (blue), Easter Egger (teal), Easter Egger (pink), Olive Egger (green/olive). These breeds are friendly and cold hardy, with fluffy cheeks, beards, and/or crests. Female rainbow layer chicks will grow to lay teal, green, olive, brown, or pink eggs.

*Rainbow Layer chicks later in the 2024 season will be fathered by a Leghorn/EE rooster over the aforementioned hens to improve “cheeks” and egg-laying characteristics. We will update this post at that time*

🟥 Pink Eggers – chicks hatched from pink eggs, with parents from our pink-laying flock *New for 2024*
We have been working on expanding our Pink Egger flock- these chickens lay eggs that appear various shades of pink and mauve.
Pink layers are mixes of Buff Orpington, Brahma, Easter Egger, ISA Brown, Speckled Sussex

🟫 Cocoa & Copper Eggers – an assorted mix of dark-laying breed chicks
Currently, cocoa & copper layer chicks are the product of a French Black Copper Marans rooster over the following chocolate laying hens-
French Black Copper Marans, FBCM/Welsummer mix, Welsummer, Cuckoo Marans

“Working Girls” Chicks assorted breeds/mixes

🐣Our Working Girls chicks are barnyard mix chicks who have been hatched from the eggs of our “working girls” flock- the ones who keep the bug population down and put eggs on our table all year long.
If you are looking for some great backyard chickens to provide you with eggs, smiles, entertainment, and some pest control, Working Girls are the way to go. These chicks will be a mix of friendly & docile, cold-hardy breeds, and have mommas who are strong layers and have egg colors ranging all shades from light pink to medium brown.

Currently, Working Girls chicks are the product of a Light Brahma rooster over the following hens- Australorp, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, EE/OE, ISA Brown/Buff Orp, Brahma/Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte.

Light Brahma roo over Australorp, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, EE/OE, ISA Brown/Buff Orp, Brahma/Barred Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte hens

Light Brahma roo and over multi gen Buff Oprington/Light Brahma hens. These girls are very fluffy and plump- both breasty and leggy, and are great layers. If you want a friendly, easy to care for, dual purpose bird, the Fluff Orpingtons are perfect.

Loudmouth, a barred rooster, and his siblings as week old chicks
Guinea Keets

⏹ A mix of Pearl, Pied, Lavender, and White Guinea keets
Guineafowl are interesting- they’re a little crazy, kind of noisy, and incredible alarm systems- if a predator comes around during the night, the guineas will be sure to let you know. They’re also amazing tick eaters- after adding a guinea flock, we went from pulling ticks off of ourselves nearly every day to only a few the entire season.
*Available starting late spring, will take pre-orders*

Bourbon Red Turkey Poults *New for 2024*

⏹ Bourbon Red Heritage Turkey Poults *New for 2024*
The Bourbon Red is an American heritage breed of domestic turkey, named for its reddish-brown plumage and area of origin in Bourbon, Kentucky. Mature toms can reach 33lbs and hens around 18lbs.
*Available starting late spring, will take pre-orders*

All chicks are straight-run unless specified otherwise. Chicks are social and don’t do well alone, so there is a 3 chick minimum. Local pickup only, we will meet within reason in the greater Summersville WV area.

Hatching Eggs

All hatching eggs are clean but unwashed, collected multiple times daily, properly stored and rotated, and laid within seven days of purchase.

  • Full Brahma – $16/half dozen, $30/full dozen
  • Rainbow Layer Mix – $14/half dozen, $25/full dozen
  • Working Girls Mix – $10/half dozen, $15 full dozen
  • Flockmaker Mix
    • $12/half dozen – 1 Full Brahma,
      2 Rainbow (your choice), 3 Working Girls
    • $20/full dozen – 3 Full Brahma
      3 Rainbow (your choice), 6 Working Girls
  • Premium Flockmaker Mix
    • $15/half dozen – 2 Full Brahma, 2 Blue/Green, 1 Pink, 1 Cocoa/Copper
    • $25/full dozen – 4 Full Brahma, 4 Blue/Green, 2 Pink, 2 Cocoa/Copper
  • Seramas – $25/half dozen
  • Silkies – $25/half dozen *Currently Unavailable*
  • Guineas – $20/half dozen
  • Bourbon Red Turkeys – $30/half dozen *Currently Unavailable*

Our hatch rates have been over 90% with our own eggs using a GQF cabinet incubator. However, we cannot guarantee hatch for others due to: jostling during transportation, improper handling and storage after the eggs are out of our hands, inconsistent temperature and humidity during incubation, and other variables out of our control. For optimal results, please wait 24 hours before incubating to allow hatching eggs to settle from movement incurred during transportation.

Please message us on Facebook or email chickens@hilltoholler.com if you’re interested.