Meet The Flock – The Mayor

The Mayor, light brahma, dark brahma, chick, hen

The Mayor earned her name when she was just a few days old. Being one of the early hatchers of the bunch, she was moved from the incubator to the brooder a couple days before most of her siblings. She quickly became the leader of the brooder, and any time we opened it, would run out to investigate what the commotion was all about, leading us to dubbing her “The Mayor”. Whenever new chicks were added, she would immediately take those new additions under her wing- showing them where the food and water were, and making sure to wrangle up any little peeps that strayed too far from the heat for too long.

Meet The Flock – PeepPeep

PeepPeep, a Light Brahma hen

PeepPeep is, by just a couple of days, the youngest member of our original Light Brahma flock. She was a tiny yellow fluffball that would run around the brooder, happily chirping a double peep whenever anything exciting (so basically anything) happened. Once she started…

Meet The Flock – Toes

Leghorn Silkie Frizzle mix 4 month old chicken

Toes, along with his brothers Parrot and Heddie, joined our flock in February of this year as a tiny hatchling. Ever since he was a baby, Toes’ unique look has been apparent- combining traits of his Leghorn mom and Frizzle Silkie dad. He’s white,…

Meet The Flock – Bella

Bella, a plump light brahma chicken standing in leaves

Bella is everything that you’d picture a Brahma to be- plump, fluffy, and friendly. She’s one of our OG Light Brahma flock, and along with Sniper, is one of the the first to come charging over whenever we come outside (for no reason other…

Meet The Flock – Lilly & Daisy

silver laced Wyandotte hen pecking the ground

Lilly and Daisy were the police of the flock when together, but after losing her sister, Lilly developed a new personality. Lilly is a plump Silver Laced Wyandotte, whose round physique shows how much she loves to spend the day foraging for whatever bugs…

Meet The Flock – Troublemaker


Troublemaker is our main man in command. There was no doubt from day one that he was a rooster.

Meet the Flock – Sniper

Sniper is one of our original six Light Brahmas, and joined our flock when she was just a few days old, still tiny, fluffy, and adorable. That cuteness never fooled anyone though- she hatched with the eyes and beak of a seasoned hunter, which…

Meet The Flock – Lucielle

Easter Egger chicken with orange feathers

Lucielle, also one of our OG ladies, is an easter egger and our first blue/green layer. She’s not the most astute and will often be found frantically running to catch up with the rest of the flock, as though she’s late to a party,…

Meet The Flock – Barbara

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken

Barbara is a Barred Plymouth Rock, grouchy as can be, and walks around the yard grumbling “bar, bar, barrrr, braaack…” as she forages for goodies. One of our OG ladies, she’s social enough if there’s food involved, often coming over to eat from our…