Meet The Flock – Loudmouth

Loudmouth, a large barred rooster

Loudmouth earned his name while he was still in the egg. Being half Light Brahma and half Barred Rock, Loudmouth is a tall, broad-chested, and handsome hunk, and picking him up is like lifting a feathered bowling ball. He’s very laid back and doesn’t even object to the occasional cuddles and snuggles.

Meet The Flock – Bella

Bella, a plump light brahma chicken standing in leaves

Bella is everything that you’d picture a Brahma to be- plump, fluffy, and friendly. She’s one of our OG Light Brahma flock, and along with Sniper, is one of the the first to come charging over whenever we come outside (for no reason other…

Meet The Flock – Troublemaker


Troublemaker is our main man in command. There was no doubt from day one that he was a rooster.