Meet The Flock – The Mayor

The Mayor, light brahma, dark brahma, chick, hen

The Mayor earned her name when she was just a few days old. Being one of the early hatchers of the bunch, she was moved from the incubator to the brooder a couple days before most of her siblings. She quickly became the leader of the brooder, and any time we opened it, would run out to investigate what the commotion was all about, leading us to dubbing her “The Mayor”. Whenever new chicks were added, she would immediately take those new additions under her wing- showing them where the food and water were, and making sure to wrangle up any little peeps that strayed too far from the heat for too long.

Meet The Flock – Martha Marans

Martha cuckoo marans hen chicken

Martha is our Cuckoo Marans, and without a doubt, her favorite time of day is snack time. She could be out foraging anywhere on the farm, but has a sixth sense to know when we come outside with food, and will magically appear first…

Meet The Flock – PeepPeep

PeepPeep, a Light Brahma hen

PeepPeep is, by just a couple of days, the youngest member of our original Light Brahma flock. She was a tiny yellow fluffball that would run around the brooder, happily chirping a double peep whenever anything exciting (so basically anything) happened. Once she started…

Meet The Flock – Loudmouth

Loudmouth, a large barred rooster

Loudmouth earned his name while he was still in the egg. Being half Light Brahma and half Barred Rock, Loudmouth is a tall, broad-chested, and handsome hunk, and picking him up is like lifting a feathered bowling ball. He’s very laid back and doesn’t even object to the occasional cuddles and snuggles.

Meet The Flock – Toes

Leghorn Silkie Frizzle mix 4 month old chicken

Toes, along with his brothers Parrot and Heddie, joined our flock in February of this year as a tiny hatchling. Ever since he was a baby, Toes’ unique look has been apparent- combining traits of his Leghorn mom and Frizzle Silkie dad. He’s white,…

Meet The Flock – Bella

Bella, a plump light brahma chicken standing in leaves

Bella is everything that you’d picture a Brahma to be- plump, fluffy, and friendly. She’s one of our OG Light Brahma flock, and along with Sniper, is one of the the first to come charging over whenever we come outside (for no reason other…

Meet The Flock – Dolores

Dolores is our Crested Cream Legbar, she sports a fantastic hairdo and a relatively large and forward facing comb, giving her the impression of having a perpetually questioning expression. She’s on the smaller side, with an extra fluffy undercarriage and short legs, which causes…

Meet The Flock – Lilly & Daisy

silver laced Wyandotte hen pecking the ground

Lilly and Daisy were the police of the flock when together, but after losing her sister, Lilly developed a new personality. Lilly is a plump Silver Laced Wyandotte, whose round physique shows how much she loves to spend the day foraging for whatever bugs…

Meet The Flock – The Looneybins

guineafowl looking out

The five guineafowl in our flock are, more often that not, collectively known as “The Looneybins”. It’s not that we can’t tell them apart- there are two pearl, three pied, a female of both, and they all have unique markings- it’s more being able…

Meet The Flock – Loretta

olive egger chicken hen profile

Loretta is our newest of the “big ladies”, joining us on October 4th 2022. She was named in tribute to Loretta Lynn who had unfortunately left this world that morning. An Olive Egger, Loretta reliably provides a splash of color to our egg basket,…