Homestead Projects

Living on a homestead means having a never-ending list of projects. Tasks get added to the to-do list much more quickly than they get checked off, and priorities change depending on the weather, or whenever a new project necessitates urgency.

We spent a long time looking for a new place to call home. We had a reasonable list of needs, a long list of wants, and an even longer list of nice-to-haves. But as we drove thousands of miles, to look at property after property, and home after home, the aforementioned lists shrank while the definitely-don’t-want list grew longer. After realizing that nothing would be perfect, and if it were, it would definitely not be within our budget. We eventually settled in West Virginia, ironically purchasing the very first (but far from only) home that we looked at in this state. The potential was huge, but to say it needed work and a vision was an understatement. We’ve spent a couple years working on building our homestead, and it’s still far from complete. But we’re getting there.

Here are some projects that we have completed, and some that we are still working on. Hopefully you will enjoy the journey with us, and maybe even find some inspiration for the next project on your own homestead.