Meet The Flock – Barbara

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken

Barbara is a Barred Plymouth Rock, grouchy as can be, and walks around the yard grumbling “bar, bar, barrrr, braaack…” as she forages for goodies.

One of our OG ladies, she’s social enough if there’s food involved, often coming over to eat from our hands, but otherwise keeps her distance, as she’s somewhat of a loner when out and about.

Being the self-appointed top hen of the flock, Barbara has zero tolerance for rowdy chicks, doesn’t take anyone’s crap, and won’t let the roosters near her if she’s not in the mood. She’s the surrogate mama of the flock as well, and always makes sure that nobody hogs the good snacks, and that everyone makes it inside the coop at night.

Although she was slow to start laying, she quickly became a superstar and is now laying eggs like clockwork, rarely skipping a day, and gracing us with a gigantic dino egg every couple weeks.

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