Meet The Flock – Dolores

Dolores is our Crested Cream Legbar, she sports a fantastic hairdo and a relatively large and forward facing comb, giving her the impression of having a perpetually questioning expression.

She’s on the smaller side, with an extra fluffy undercarriage and short legs, which causes her to always look like a bit of a low-rider. Her genes are strong ones though- Dolores’ babies always have her exact expression and small stature, even though they’re half Brahma.

Although Dolores is friendly, she’s a tad skittish and will happily eat from our hands until the crowd gets too rowdy, at which point she’ll skitter off to the side to wait for her private snack. She’s Troublemaker’s girl for sure, and won’t tolerate Little Pecker’s antics at all, giving him a thorough head pecking if he tries to get too fresh with her. Dolores adds a burst of color to our egg basket, laying medium-large eggs that are a dashing robin’s egg blue.

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