Meet The Flock – Lilly & Daisy

silver laced Wyandotte hen pecking the ground

Lilly and Daisy were the police of the flock when together, but after losing her sister, Lilly developed a new personality.

Lilly is a plump Silver Laced Wyandotte, whose round physique shows how much she loves to spend the day foraging for whatever bugs and other goodies she can find. She’s basically a golden retriever of chickens, and upon spotting us wander into the yard, will come running over to say hello and see if we have any snacks to share with her. Lilly gets along with everybody (except the guineas, she thinks they’re a bunch of idiots) but because of this, it took her a little while to work her way back up in the pecking order after losing her strong-willed twin sister Daisy.

Daisy was Lilly’s twin sister, an extremely friendly and social Silver Laced Wyandotte, with a voice that couldn’t be missed. Several times, we had contemplated changing her name to Roseanne. Her main mission was to teach the young roosters the right way to woo a lady, and if they decided to forego their little dance or get a little too fresh with one of the other girls, she’d rush right over to put them back in line. Unfortunately, Daisy was was a tad too adventurous one day, wandering off from the rest of the flock and the safety of cover, and fell victim to the talons of a hawk.

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