Meet The Flock – Loretta

olive egger chicken hen profile

Loretta is our newest of the “big ladies”, joining us on October 4th 2022. She was named in tribute to Loretta Lynn who had unfortunately left this world that morning.

An Olive Egger, Loretta reliably provides a splash of color to our egg basket, her eggs ranging in shades of green from yellowish to silvery to khaki, sometimes speckled, and anywhere in between. She’s a close second to Barbara when it comes to prolific laying, and didn’t miss a beat all winter long.

Loretta is relatively social and friendly, but can be a bit aloof at times, and is the only one of the flock who has yet to eat from our hands. She’ll run over and happily peck at our feet or eat crumbs that fall from our hands, but no matter how much we try to coax her to take a delicious snack from our fingers, all she gives in return is an extended neck and suspicious side-eye.

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