Meet The Flock – Loudmouth

Loudmouth, a large barred rooster

Loudmouth earned his name while he was still in the egg.

Just after the clutch of eggs went into lockdown, a loud chirping started coming from the incubator, and the next day he was the first one of the bunch to break free from his shelled confines.

Ironically, once he hatched all that commotion stopped, and he was one of the quietest chicks of the bunch. Even as an adult, Loudmouth rarely crows. He’ll join in when the rest of the guys have a crowfest, but otherwise he’s quiet guy.

Being half Light Brahma and half Barred Rock, Loudmouth is a tall, broad-chested, and handsome hunk, and picking him up is like lifting a feathered bowling ball. He’s very laid back and doesn’t even object to the occasional cuddles and snuggles.

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