Meet The Flock – Lucielle

Easter Egger chicken with orange feathers

Lucielle, also one of our OG ladies, is an easter egger and our first blue/green layer.

She’s not the most astute and will often be found frantically running to catch up with the rest of the flock, as though she’s late to a party, after they wandered off to a new foraging area while her mind was off in la-la land.

If Lucielle were a person, she would be the type who loses track of time and spends an hour in the bathroom playing on their phone- she will easily spend half the afternoon in the nesting box just dilly-dallying around after laying her egg.

In fact, her lackluster time management is what inspired her name- we were in the middle of doing improvements to the coop when she decided to take her daily nesting box siesta, leaving us to woefully echo Kenny Rogers by singing “You picked a fine time to lay an egg, Lucielle”.

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