Meet the Flock – Sniper

Sniper is one of our original six Light Brahmas, and joined our flock when she was just a few days old, still tiny, fluffy, and adorable.

That cuteness never fooled anyone though- she hatched with the eyes and beak of a seasoned hunter, which is what led to her quickly earning her name. Her broodermates were twice her size, but they never stood a chance when anything new or interesting popped up, she’d be the first of the bunch to go check it out and see if it was something edible.

At just a few weeks old on her first field trip outside, she instantly started zooming about and at mach speed would pluck up snacks that were seemingly invisible to everyone else. Not a single creepy crawly would manage to escape Sniper’s keen eye.

She’s grown now, plump and fluffy-butted as ever, still honing her keen eye for critters and bugs on the move. She’s the first to come running when we head outside, first in line when it’s snack time, and will always strike a (sometimes silly) pose when the camera comes out.

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