Meet The Flock – Martha Marans

Martha cuckoo marans hen chicken

Martha is our Cuckoo Marans, and without a doubt, her favorite time of day is snack time.

She could be out foraging anywhere on the farm, but has a sixth sense to know when we come outside with food, and will magically appear first in line at every single bowl. Martha doesn’t cluck like a normal chicken, but instead makes a high-pitched hum, and will stare and hum excitedly and impatiently while waiting for food to be scooped into her dish.

Martha lays a rich, cocoa brown egg, and is the first of our flock to actually follow through with hatching a clutch of them, most will sit for a few days and then get bored, but not Martha. Once she goes broody, there is nothing that will break that broodiness except for some babies.

For the most part she’s shy and avoids conflict with us or anyone else in the flock, unless that someone is doing anything that’s related to her eggs or chicks (even once they’re grown), in which case she will turn into a puffy, humming, mama bear.

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