Meet The Flock – The Mayor

The Mayor, light brahma, dark brahma, chick, hen

The Mayor earned her name when she was just a few days old.

Being one of the early hatchers of the bunch, she was moved from the incubator to the brooder a couple days before most of her siblings. She quickly became the leader of the brooder, and any time we opened it, would run out to investigate what the commotion was all about, leading us to dubbing her “The Mayor”. Whenever new chicks were added, she would immediately take those new additions under her wing- showing them where the food and water were, and making sure to wrangle up any little peeps that strayed too far from the heat for too long.

The Mayor’s mother is Stella, one of our OG Light Brahma crew, and her father is Troublemaker, our main man in command. Stella’s grandmother was a Dark Brahma, so that dark gene pops up periodically in her chicks, with The Mayor being one of those dark chicks. Sometimes the darkness sticks, and sometimes, as in The Mayor’s case, it will transition to light feathers with penciling as the chick feathers in. She hatched a medium to dark gray, but as her fluff turned to feathers, she slowly became more white. Now, as a grown hen, she’s mostly white with a few penciled spots on her back, a black and white mottled cap, dark gray down, and a mix of black and white leg and foot feathers.

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