Meet The Flock – PeepPeep

PeepPeep, a Light Brahma hen

PeepPeep is, by just a couple of days, the youngest member of our original Light Brahma flock.

She was a tiny yellow fluffball that would run around the brooder, happily chirping a double peep whenever anything exciting (so basically anything) happened. Once she started growing, that yellow fluff turned into striking white feathers, and she quickly shot up to become taller than her siblings.

As a pullet, PeepPeep would always hold her tail peculiarly high, which, along with her extra fluffy leg feathers, just added to her cuteness and emphasized her size. Now as a grown hen, PeepPeeep towers over the other girls in the flock. She’s not quite as tall as Troublemaker, our Brahma rooster, but is at least eye to eye with the other roosters.

PeepPeep is somewhat of a loner, she’ll hang out with the others, but is perfectly content wandering off to scritch around for bugs on her own. As one of the best layers of our Brahma bunch, she lays large, creamy-tan eggs with an occasional white speckling, nearly every day. Hatching those eggs results in extraordinarily adorable chicks, all taking after their mom in size, fluff, and cuteness.

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