Meet The Flock – Toes

Leghorn Silkie Frizzle mix 4 month old chicken

Toes, along with his brothers Parrot and Heddie, joined our flock in February of this year as a tiny hatchling.

Ever since he was a baby, Toes’ unique look has been apparent- combining traits of his Leghorn mom and Frizzle Silkie dad. He’s white, with a Leghorn shape, but due to his Silkie genetics, Toes has blue earlobes, feathered legs, and an extra toe on each foot- giving him 10 toes total instead of the usual 8, which immediately inspired his name.

As he grew, Toes’ puffy little beard and cheeks started filling in, and he began to develop a crazy little mohawk on the top of his head. At first we thought that his mohawk would grow into a small crest, but it didn’t stop there- it kept growing until he had a glorious mullet, one that even Joe Dirt himself would admire! Toes’ comb has been growing equally as wildly, he’s currenlty just a few months old and it seems to get larger and develop new points every day.

An interesting combination of skittish and a cuddler, Toes will happily spend a good while napping on a lap, but will leap into the air with a high-pitched shriek and run around maniacally when startled. His crow is just as high pitched, second only to the squeak of the Seramas.

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